The Best Email Security Software

The Best Email Security Software

Email security is becoming increasingly important in the modern era. Businesses rely on email communication, and hackers are increasingly using it to spread spam, malware, and viruses and conduct phishing attempts. Companies that do not use email security software are particularly vulnerable to these attacks.

Here is our list of the best email security software:

  1. Guardz EDITOR’S CHOICE This system-wide security package scans emails as part of its protection routines and blocks spam, phishing, BEC, and malware. The package also includes user security awareness training courses. Get a 14-day free trial.
  2. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (FREE TRIAL) Keeps applications such as Active Directory and Exchange Server fighting fit with performance monitoring. Runs on Windows Server. Download a 30-day free trial.
  3. SolarWinds Email Monitoring with SAM (FREE TRIAL) The email management and maintenance service in the Server and Application Monitor. Runs on Windows Server. Get a 30-day free trial.
  4. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus (FREE TRIAL) offers advanced features like content inspection and policy management tailored to protect against data leaks. Its seamless integration with existing systems ensures minimal disruption. Get a 30-day free trial.
  5. Proofpoint Email Protection This AI-driven package roots out spam, phishing, BEC, and malware. Delivered from the cloud.
  6. Mimecast Analysis of millions of email attacks around the world enables this provider to create a threat intelligence database to spot phishing, impersonation, and malware campaigns. This is a cloud-based service.
  7. Barracuda Total Email Protection This package combines spam and phishing scanning, DDoS protection, and malware blocking. This is a cloud-based system.
  8. N-able Mail Assure Designed for managed service providers, this package protects the email systems of MSP client companies from its cloud location.
  9. MDaemon’s Security Gateway Blocks spam, and threats from inbound emails and prevent data theft with outbound email scanning. Available for Windows Server or as a cloud-based service.
  10. MailGuard Get protection against DDoS attacks and spyware as well as email-based threats with this cloud-based system.
  11. Agari Fortra creates an up-to-date threat intelligence feed to enhance the effectiveness of this phishing and BEC blocker that operates from the cloud.

Hackers’ primary method of gaining access to your company’s sensitive data is via email, and email attacks such as phishing and business email compromise are on the rise. Your initial line of defense should be an Email Security Solution that protects your emails from hackers, spam, and viruses. This type of software should have several email security features. This includes anti-spam, antivirus, and encryption technologies. We examined software packages that included business management functionality.

However, locating the best email security software is not simple. The information technology security software market has become increasingly saturated, with each email security application claiming to be the best.

The Best Email Security Software

I’ve compiled this list of the best accessible email security software to assist you in deciding amongst the industry’s top players. Some of them include:

1. Guardz (FREE TRIAL)

Guardz Security Software

Guardz provides email scanning as part of its system-wide protection package. This service is run in the cloud and accesses your email system through a plug-in. The bundle is intended for use by managed service providers but provides security for the MSP’s clients. The screens for the service can be customized with the service provider’s branding.

This package protects endpoints and cloud data. Its service is tuned to protect the elements of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. On the Microsoft platform, the email protection system integrates into Exchange Server and Outlook and also guards files in OneDrive. The service works with Gmail and Google Drive in the Google Workspace suite.

A unique feature in this package is a phishing simulator. You can use this system to test the awareness of users, but you would have to turn the email protection system off during the trial because that scanner is designed to block phishing emails. You can also use the simulator to ensure that the phishing filter is working properly. Other functions of the email scanner block business email compromise, which is implemented through impersonation attempts and malware hidden in attachments. The service also roots out spam emails.

The email scanner automatically removes a suspicious email from a user’s mailbox and stores it in a quarantine area. Administrators can examine quarantined emails to ensure that they aren’t genuine emails that have been caught up in the algorithm. Any email that isn’t spam can be restored back to the recipient’s inbox.

The management console shows a list of alerts for recent malicious email discoveries and events are logged, which provides the opportunity for analysis. The Guardz package also scans the Dark Web for the email addresses of protected companies. Warnings about these discoveries will also appear in the administrator’s console.

One more useful feature in the Guardz package is a library of security awareness training courses for employees. These can be allocated to individuals or a group and the console tracks progress through each course and training completion.

Subscription rates for the Guardz system is calculated per user. There is also a managed security service available. Assess the Guardz service with a 14-day free trial.


Guardz is our top pick for email security software because it implements detection and automated remediation for a range of threats. The package identifies, spam, phishing, impersonation attempts, and malware to block automated attacks and account credentials theft attempts. The success of this email scanner provides protection for an entire IT system. It is particularly designed to work with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Training features in the platform enhance security by removing the weakness of human gullibility.

Official Site:

OS: Cloud-based

2. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (FREE TRIAL)

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Azure Monitoring

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is a server and application monitoring tool by SolarWinds. It verifies the network’s performance and all of the apps it can provide to the firm simply and steadfastly.

It uses a combination of wired and wireless connections. To act much faster, simulate application traffic on the central console. It saves time for the IT department. It’s effortless to set up and use. It’s an email monitoring tool that’s also an essential aspect of the whole monitoring procedure. It’s also quite effective because it brings all your email monitoring into one place. This simplifies your email security and supervision, ensuring that you are constantly updated.

SAM includes out-of-the-box mail Exchange server monitoring features, providing you with detailed insight into activity patterns that could lead to poor performance. This involves testing round-trip time and email delivery success for MAPI, POP3, and IMAP4 mail protocols. From the end-user’s standpoint, you can monitor email servers and receive visibility across all major web email clients, including Microsoft Outlook Web Access. This application can handle high email rates, POP3 requests, and MAPI operations, allowing it to satisfy the needs of developing businesses.

The SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor can track over 1,200 different applications and their activity. It also includes application dependency mapping, Customizable Monitoring, and quick troubleshooting. SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor gives you access to over 1200 templates, including Active Directory, Java, Skype for Business, Office 365 email, etc. The product is beneficial, inexpensive, and eliminates management overhead.

SAM detects email server CPU constraints and odd surges in email traffic. Windows Server, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and HP-UX are among the operating systems supported. It allows you to search for users, delve into crucial information, and handle user issues in Exchange. Performance monitoring and warning is proactive System Management Software that is both affordable and unpretentious to use

The amount of insight provided by this technology is practically unmatched, giving you unprecedented access to your email servers and allowing you to inform the actions you take to safeguard them directly. You can sample a fully working 30-day free trial of SAM.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Download a 30-day FREE Trial

3. SolarWinds Email Monitor with SAM (FREE TRIAL)

SolarWinds Identity Monitor 

SolarWinds Email Monitor with Server & Application Monitor is a secure and dependable web-based tool that alerts users when company credentials are exposed in security breaches. This program monitors account takeover attacks, company domains, and personal IDs for exposure in data breach situations.

This tool has an appealing user interface that is simple to use and navigate. And, unlike many other products on the market, it’s scalable and won’t let you down as your business expands. SolarWinds Identity Monitor has been released by SolarWinds, a prominent provider of powerful and cheap IT management software.

Automating account TakeOver (ATO) protection, the simple solution is designed to help IT and security professionals boost their security posture and combat instances of account fraud, loss of revenue, brand damage, and spam. This announcement reaffirms SolarWinds’ commitment to making security solutions available to any company that needs them, filling a gap many enterprise software suppliers have yet to address.

Account takeover attempts are nearly inevitable, with an estimated 33 billion records stolen by 2023. Employees sometimes unknowingly make ATOs easier for hostile attackers by reusing passwords across personal and work accounts.

This tool allows you to create a domain watch list that can be viewed as a table. You’ll see when the domain was last detected, the number of corporate records associated with it, its status, and whether it’s validated alongside the domain name. Within this page, you can alter the number of items you can view, adjust column visibility, and execute searches on each website. You can also sort data according to your priorities.

You can sample a fully working 30-day free trial of Email Monitor with SAM.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Download a 30-day FREE Trial

4. ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus (FREE TRIAL)

Endpoint DLP dashboard screenshot

Endpoint DLP Plus is a robust data loss prevention solution that offers significant protections for email security. Designed for organizations aiming to enhance their email data protection and prevent potential leaks or breaches, it provides tools tailored to monitor, control, and secure email communications across endpoint devices.

Key Features:

  • Email Content Inspection: Endpoint DLP Plus employs advanced content inspection techniques to scrutinize outgoing emails, ensuring sensitive information is not inadvertently or maliciously sent outside the organization. This includes detection of credit card numbers, personal identification information, and other confidential data types.
  • Attachment Control: The solution controls and monitors file attachments in emails, preventing the unauthorized transmission of sensitive files. It supports policies that can block or quarantine attachments based on their file type, size, or content.
  • Contextual Analysis: Utilizing contextual analysis, the software evaluates the context of data usage within emails, enhancing the accuracy of detecting policy violations and reducing false positives. This ensures that security measures are both effective and unobtrusive.
  • Policy Enforcement: Endpoint DLP Plus allows administrators to establish comprehensive email security policies tailored to specific organizational needs. Policies can be enforced based on factors like sender, recipient, data type, and content, providing granular control over email flows.
  • Incident Response and Alerts: The system provides real-time alerts on potential security incidents involving email, enabling rapid response to prevent data breaches. Detailed logs and reports aid in auditing and compliance, facilitating investigations and remediation efforts.

During testing, I found the user interface of Endpoint DLP Plus intuitive and effective, particularly in setting up and managing email-related security policies. The clarity of alerts and reports is highly valued, making it easier for IT teams to monitor email security and address issues promptly.

Endpoint DLP Plus integrates seamlessly with existing email systems, minimizing setup complexities and disruptions to daily operations. Its operations are optimized for low overhead, ensuring that email security measures do not adversely affect endpoint performance.

The email security features of Endpoint DLP Plus are crucial for organizations needing to comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Its capabilities significantly bolster an organization’s compliance posture by providing robust mechanisms to control and audit email data.

Endpoint DLP Plus stands out as an essential tool for any organization that prioritizes email security within its data protection strategy. Its comprehensive approach to monitoring, controlling, and securing email communications helps mitigate risks of data leakage and ensures compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. The ease of deployment and management further enhances its appeal, making it a recommended choice for protecting sensitive information transmitted via email.

You can sample a fully working 30-day free trial of ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus.

ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus Download a 30-day FREE Trial

5. Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection

Proofpoint Email Protection is a flexible email gateway solution that can be deployed either on-premises or as a cloud service. The platform leverages NexusAI to identify and block threats such as malicious attachments, phishing emails, and spear-phishing attempts.

Proofpoint is ideal for medium to large size companies looking to defend themselves against Business Email Compromise (BEC) and offers a wide range of controls that sysadmin can tune to make Proofpoint a good fit for your business.

Outside of automated defenses, Proofpoint also empowers end users to tag and flag suspicious emails. This helps train the AI detection system and can also help organizations track how security conscious their employees are.

Users can also choose to set up and manage their blocklist to junk spam and unwanted message on their own. These controls are simple enough for most end-users to take advantage of, and help cut down on spam-related helpdesk tickets.

If you’re interested in testing out Proofpoint Email Protection, you can get started with a 30-day trial.

6. Mimecast


Mimecast is an email safety service that is hosted in the cloud. Cloud-based applications can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Mimecast’s solution is crafty and improving to keep up with increasingly sophisticated and nasty threats.

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is a comprehensive service that boosts cyber resilience at no additional cost. The email security software employs cutting-edge applications and policies to safeguard your emails against spoofing, spear-phishing, malware, and other dangers.

Both enterprises and cybercriminals prefer this program over secure email gateways. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway has more functions than cloud-based antivirus and anti-spam security. They can also protect you from dangerous URLs and attachments.

Mimecast is a complete tool that protects users from spear phishing, email compromise assaults, malicious URLs, weaponized attachments, fraud, social engineering, and other sophisticated threats.

Mimecast is designed to detect zero-day exploits and spoofing attempts. It also allows the scanning of all incoming emails, the use of email filters to see trends, the blocking of any inappropriate conduct, and the removal of any file attachments discovered as having harmful URLs. The innovative cloud architecture also aids in automated attack recovery.

7. Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection

Barracuda Total Email Protection is a bundled solution that includes all of Barracuda’s email security tools. This package is simple to establish and includes basic email security features such as spam blocking, encryption, backup, archiving, email filtering, spear-phishing simulations, complete training, and more.

This bundle is an all-in-one email protection solution that eliminates the need for integration with other products and simplifies due diligence and post-purchase evaluation. Most businesses select Barracuda Total Email Protection to keep ahead of cheats and detect them before acting. It’s a network-connected physical appliance that protects your sensitive data from all 13 email threats.

It is a hybrid cloud system that captures all inbound email traffic before an attack to prevent sending malicious emails. Email filtering tools are also included in the best email security software, which helps remove viruses, spam, phishing attempts, or harmful attachments.

One of the products in the bundle, Barracuda Sentinel, uses a powerful AI engine to detect advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and account takeover. Another bundled product, Barracuda PhishLine, provides email protection training in the form of a spear-phishing simulation environment.

You can learn to spot email risks with this tool, even on devices that aren’t connected to corporate email gateways. To conclude, Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automate incident response processes, recommending remediation alternatives so you can quickly and efficiently manage assaults.

To be submissive, it uses outbound content inspection to gain access to unwanted data disclosure. To utilize the tool, you do not need to install a piece of actual equipment. The email security tool can also be used as software and run-on virtual servers in AWS or Azure. You can take advantage of flexible deployment options and email encryption features for additional security.

Multiple levels of security are required to secure emails. Using an email gateway alone will not prevent attacks from accessing internal email accounts. As a result, Barracuda Total Email Protection was implemented to protect your organization, data, and employees from any potential threats. It acts as a beautiful defense system and delivers AI-enabled inbox protection. They also aid in the real-time detection of threats.

8. N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution that uses collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity, and long-term email archiving to help users and their customers control and protect inbound and outbound emails.

The Intelligent Protection and Filtering Engine are fed by proprietary filtering technology that incorporates input from processing large volumes of email data. This, combined with real-time pattern threat recognition and machine learning technology, protects users from spam, viruses, phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, and other email-borne threats, with a filtering accuracy of 99.999 percent and over 2 billion spam messages blocked per month.

N-ableTM Mail Assure provides the following benefits:

  • Advanced inbound and outbound email threat protection.
  • Built-in email continuity for business productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A multi-tenant web interface for your end-users and technicians.
  • Microsoft 365TM integration via a Microsoft 365 add-in.
  • Microsoft 365 users’ onboarding is easier with the Microsoft 365 sync feature.
  • Quarantine reports give users a better understanding of their email flow.
  • Encrypted, long-term email archiving is an option.

Because of the exclusive benefits and features, most businesses prefer to subscribe to the N-able Mail Assure service. It has an archiving feature as well as an email filtering feature. It also employs machine learning and other approaches to prevent billions of spam emails from being sent each month.

It can have access to the multi-tenant management console and wizard-driven dashboard to manage numerous clients. N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution with a user-friendly interface. The technology protects clients from cyberattacks and protects your company from any threats posed by email.

9. MDaemon’s Security Gateway

MDaemon's Security Gateway

MDaemon’s Security Gateway is email security software that protects email servers from malware and phishing assaults in the government, transportation, healthcare, industrial, finance, and education sectors. Administrators may use the solution to detect risks automatically across various platforms, including Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.

Allow lists and blocklists can be managed by IT professionals, who can also detect hijacked accounts, screen message content, and stop fraudulent emails. It allows administrators to encrypt email exchanges using standard mail transfer protocols (SMTP). MDaemon’s Security Gateway delivers policy enforcement capabilities, allowing teams to control emails containing sensitive information about employees and the organization’s money. Supervisors can also run scheduled statistics reports to see how much bandwidth email and incoming or outbound messages consume.

It encourages the use of best-in-class technologies to obtain zero false-positive findings. A filtering engine is also included in the tools, ensuring a spam-blocking rate of 99 percent. MDaemon’s Security Gateway protects against both internal and external email threats.

Users can also access Detailed Logs and Comprehensive Reports on inbound and outgoing email traffic. It’s one of the more affordable options for email security software. To perform an activity or automate procedures such as adding domains or users, use uncomplicated and easy-to-use settings.

MDaemon’s Security Gateway has an anti-spoofing module that allows enterprises to control callback verification, reverse lookups, and IP shielding. Dynamic screening can also protect systems from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) assaults.

10. MailGuard


MailGuard is a primary cloud-based email security solution with an emphasis on detecting and blocking dangerous new threats 2-48 hours ahead of the competition. Your organization will always have the most current protection and assistance against emerging threats, with no software to install, fast security upgrades, and a team of professionals accessible to help you 24/7.

It’s a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that offers comprehensive protection at a minimal cost. You don’t need to buy any software licenses. The software is commonly installed in current on-premises or cloud-based systems within a few hours. It’s also a redundant, fault-tolerant, quick, and dependable email protection solution.

To secure critical data, have access to detailed email usage records and multiple layers of spam filters. MailGuard protects your emails from dangerous frauds, spam, viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, and other cyber-threats.

MailGuard is the world’s leading private cloud email and online security Software as a Service provider. The majority of companies believe that their typical antivirus software will protect them from an attack. That isn’t the case at all. Although antivirus software can eliminate known threats, fraudsters move quickly and rely on the element of surprise to succeed.

Traditional antivirus companies often take hours or days to discover and distribute updates to their consumers. MailGuard isn’t like other antivirus programs. It uses innovative Hybrid AI threat-detection engines that predict, learn, and anticipate new threats as they emerge in a cloud-based email and web solution. MailGuard can provide immediate protection against developing threats to customers all over the world thanks to this cloud-based layer of security.

Incoming spam is rejected by dynamic anti-spam engines, which include proactive heuristic filters, resulting in significant bandwidth savings. Virus and Malware Protection with the MailGuard Hybrid AI (Artificial Intelligence) malware behavior engines, integrated anti-spyware scanners mainly target harmful URLs included in emails.

Data Leakage Protection and Denial of Service Protection. It accesses complete security and email activity reporting and schedule reports with email delivery choices in a variety of output formats, such as HTML and PDF.

11. Agari


Agari is a popular email security solution that keeps track of all email origins and interactions. The built-in Threat intelligence features assist in blocking emails from any person who appears to be suspicious. Most businesses opt for the Agari Email Security system to avoid business interruptions. Signature-based email security controls, API-based integration, policy management, and other features are included in the result.

Credential phishing assaults frequently dupe employees because they are unaware that their logins are fraudulent. As a result, an email account takeover occurs. Using a tool like the Agari Email Security system is best to combat such risks and attacks.

The tool aids in digital communications and protects against email compromise in the workplace. Machine learning is also used to assess and anticipate which outbound and inbound messages should be permitted. Keeping vital data on-premises might be risky, yet businesses often pool their resources to save money.

It’s a simple, easy-to-use resolution that works well with our Gmail environment. Policies are unpretentious to implement and have proven to be quite helpful in reducing the time it takes us to respond to phishing incidents.


Technology advancements were made to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. Cybercriminals have made it easy to steal a user’s identity and crack the data.

To protect your data, you should use a well-known and reliable Email Protection Software. Check out some of the world-class Email Protection Software mentioned above to protect your vital data from such dangers. Before making a final decision, compare the various tools and their features. One must reduce your options and choose a program that is ideal for your company’s needs.

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