List of Places to Find Net Admin Jobs

Find Net Admin Jobs

Given the pace of the current job market finding a network administration job that’s right for you can be a consistent challenge. There are thousands of online job boards out there and it can be difficult to tell apart which ones have the live roles you’re looking for. Unfortunately, having so many options can easily lead to “paralysis by analysis”.

To help resolve this problem, we’ve put together this guide to the best places to find net admin jobs. Here we have compiled a definitive list of resources to help a broad variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level net administration position or a top-end role, we’ve provided you with a list of resources that will help you to make the best decision for your career.

We’ve also included websites that provide you with additional career guidance and online resources that can help you to enhance your core skills and employability. This way if you see a role that you like then you can start to prepare for your interview and land the perfect role.

Other employment opportunities

If you have gathered training and experience in network administration, you don’t have to limit your career options to that one job description. You can evolve your skills to reach out into cyber security, into sales, or education.

There are other career paths that you could consider while still continuing in the field of networking technology. You may choose to go into consultancy, or switch from the software focused work of a network administrator to the more hands-on, physical work of a network engineer.

If you are able to travel, your skills could take you anywhere in the world. Consider looking into the opportunities presented by working as a freelancer and taking work on fixed term contracts. The rare skills of network administration are in high demand all over the world and you could find yourself traveling to places as far flung as India, South Africa, Dubai, and Chile in order to introduce new systems and help businesses manage their IT services more effectively.

Resources to Find Net Admin Jobs

These sites regularly post listings for network administrators:

  1. – While Indeed has listings for all types of jobs, they also have a sizable chunk of IT roles as well. There are thousands of live network administration jobs making this site well worth checking out if you want to see the true volume of options you have available. Thousands of companies around the world are listing with Indeed so they offer one of the deepest pools of administration roles available.

    Indeed regularly provide users with additional insights as well. According to its website, the most recent average salary for network administrators in the US was $65,900.

  2. – Another excellent job board to begin your search on is Monster. Monster features job listings from across the world from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Currently, there are over 1000 live network administration roles on Monster. This website deals with a mixture of permanent and part-time positions, so it’s a good choice in terms of flexibility as well.

    Unfortunately, you can’t see salaries when scrolling through listings. That being said if you click through to certain listings you can see salary information (though these listings appear to be in the minority).

    As one of the largest job boards in the world, this is a great choice for seeing the range opportunities that are available to you.

  3. – For many, LinkedIn is a social media site. However what many people don’t know is that it is also a source of regular job posts as well. Right now there are over 13,000 live network administrator jobs. In order to benefit from these, you’ll need to make an account first. Luckily the process doesn’t take too long.

    Once you’ve signed up, simply click on the Jobs bar at the top of your screen and you can start to search for your next role. It is also worth mentioning that you can post a CV (resume) to your profile so that potential employers can find you as well. The only drawback with LinkedIn is that it doesn’t list the salary of positions.

  4. – Dice is a job search website designed specifically with IT professionals in mind. In addition to having a very lean search function, Dice is notable for its Career Paths feature. In Career Paths, you enter information including the role you’re looking for (in this case Network Administrator), your location, and your experience level to be shown a list of roles into which you could transition.

    Another useful tool is the salary predictor which allows you to “receive a personalized salary estimate” (this is based on your skills, job title, experience, and location). The site also has a general Career Toolkit page which provides you with educational articles to help improve your employability. Guidance articles such as “How to Write a Tech Resume” and “Top Cover Letter Tips from IT Managers” might be useful during your search.

  5. – If you’re a European graduate looking for your first role after completing university then Graduateland is a site you should definitely take a look at. It has job postings across the world include “Junior Network Administrator” positions that cater toward less-experienced candidates. The only drawback is that you have to sign up before you can view your search results. However, the sign up process is free so you won’t lose anything by making an account.

  6. – Jacobs is a company that specializes in the technical, engineering, and science sphere. Conducting a job search through its website reveals a variety of network administration posts around the world. They have posts across Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia.

    It can be difficult to locate when you first land on the site but look for the Apply for a Job tab under the Join Us tab. Alternatively, click here to go straight to the Job Search page.

  7. – Network Administrators looking for Network Administrator roles in the UK would be well advised to use Totaljobs. Totaljobs is a solid resource on account of its diversity of roles. It has lots of live network administration roles and attracts some of the largest companies in the UK. This makes it a good location to find larger enterprises to work with.

    When using
    Totaljobs it is worth signing up for instant job alerts so you receive a message whenever a new network administration role goes live.
    This helps to make sure that you’re keeping abreast of current developments. You can also use Totaljobs to locate positions in Europe and the United States as well.

  8. – ITCareerFinder is another site that specializes completely in Tech roles. There are over a 1,000 live Network Administrator roles at the moment. The site also acts as a resource for a whole host of guidance on extra training and IT certifications which will help to improve your employability.

    Its guide to the CCNA is a topic that is of particular relevance for those looking for Cisco accreditation in the future. ITCareerFinder also offers users the ability to sign up for job alerts. The great thing about this is that you can receive customized alerts based on the type of role for which you’re looking.

  9. – Computerjobs is a valuable resource for those looking for Network Administration Roles across the globe. It covers listings in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. At present, there are over 7,000 live Network Administrator (or related) roles to choose from. There is also an iPhone app available so that you can browse listings on the move. You have the ability to upload your CV and let companies come straight to you. 

  10. – JustTechJobs may have a more laid-back appearance but it offers an exceptional database of IT-centered roles. The JustTechJobs community is a community of more than 14 million and growing. The site also provides guidance on careers, resumes, interviewing, and salaries to make sure you’re prepared to go into your next role.

  11. – TechCareers is a job board that specializes in tech roles within the United States. It has over 220,000 active tech roles and 9,000+ network administrator roles. When you click on a job listing you are taken to a third-party site where you can apply.

    While this isn’t as convenient as having everything in one place, it doesn’t take too long to click through.

    You can also choose to have your resume listed if you’d like employers to come directly to you. This service costs $10 for 60 days and is well worth considering if you’re actively involved in seeking another role with limited time to search.

  12. Technojobs is a UK IT jobs board which has over 10,000 live IT jobs across the UK. This includes a substantial number of network administrator roles. The website also has a career guidance section with a number of articles to help you learn new skills and enhance your employability.

    Technojobs also has its own useful content as well. Articles like “Top Traits of IT Managers” are located throughout the site to help you boost your employability.

  13. – SimplyHired is another general job board that has a substantial number of IT roles available including network administration roles. This site currently has in excess of 16,000 live network administration roles. You can also filter your search for full-time and part-time roles.When you click on a listing you’re taken to a third-party site to complete your application. The site’s main utility is in allowing you to search through a large number of roles without having to do lots of legwork
  14. – IEEEJobSite is an excellent source for IT jobs across the globe. This site doesn’t have as many listings as a site like SimplyHired but it does include listings from reputable companies. There is also a career news and advice section for you to browse at your convenience.
  15. – ITJobCafe is a job search site aimed specifically at IT professionals. As a result, it has a wealth of network administration roles available. You can also post your CV so that prospective employers come straight to you. In addition, the site has an active blog section with content that can help you to improve your technical skills and land your next role.
  16. – ITJobPro is a company that specialises in providing candidates with entry to senior level tech roles. There is a range of network and system administrator roles live across the United States. This job board is extremely active so it is worth checking on a regular basis to make sure that you don’t miss anything.
  17. Themuse is a site that provides an extensive range of job listings and excellent training resources. Its site has lots of career advice and you can even purchase career coaching if you’re unsure about how to land your next role. With regards to geography, there are lots of network administration roles listed across the US and Europe. You also have the ability to filter your search results by seniority and company size.
  18. – ZipRecruiter is another very well-known jobs board that has thousands of Network Administration jobs listed across the United States. Once you’ve spotted a role you like you can click the Quick Apply option to move along with your application promptly. The site also allows you to sign up to get new jobs sent straight to your inbox.
  19. – GulfTalent is a career search site that specialises in jobs across Dubai and the Middle East. There are over 8,000 companies registered on the site and a sizeable body of network administration jobs across the area. GulfTalent offers all users a free CV review which is useful for making sure you’re ready for a new position.There is also a large number of additional resources like news, events, market research reports and cost of living reports to help you make an informed decision about whether or not a particular role is right for you.
  20. – ITJobs is an old school job search site that specialises in roles for IT professionals. Don’t let the outdated design fool you, this website is regularly updated with new network administrator posts. In order to apply for jobs you need to have an account, however, this doesn’t take long to set up.

  21. – Seek is an Australian-based site that has job posts from a variety of professional industries. There are currently over 400 network administrator roles live on the site. There a number of features that set this site apart from the crowd. It allows you to enter your email and receive job alerts. In addition there is also an extensive resources section.
    For example, there is a page dedicated to
    networking courses which links to online courses such as the Diploma of Information Technology Networking and Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking.

What do I Need to be a Network Administrator?

Generally, most Network Administrators have a degree in computer science or network administration. While a degree is often enough to get into a position, there are a number of additional qualifications that many choose to take on to differentiate themselves from the competition. Cisco’s CCNA and Network+ are two qualifications that are held in high esteem. We’ve included these two in a more extensive list below:

  • Cisco CCNA
  • CompTIA Network+
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – Miscrosoft Certified Solutions Expert

Each of these qualifications can help to boost the employability of a network administrator and build new skills. The most important thing is not just to have knowledge but to be able to communicate complicated solutions to non-technical staff. As network administrators work in a team environment it is incredibly important to have the ability to collaborate with others effectively.

Tips For Using Job Boards Effectively.  Now that you have an extensive list of job boards to search for the perfect role you need to land the job. Creating a strong impression starts with your cover letter. Check out this guide on how to write a tailor-made network administration cover letter. This will help you to voice your key competencies and get across why you’re the best fit for the role.

Of course, a cover letter is just the beginning, you need to live up to your first impression throughout the interview. Indeed also has some excellent network administration interview questions to help you prepare for your interview. By conducting a little bit of preparation you can make sure you aren’t left scratching your head when hit with a tricky question!

Happy Searching!

All of the resources listed above will be able to help you conduct an exhaustive search before going into your next role. Likewise, the courses listed above will assist you in standing out from other applicants when you conduct your search. We advise signing up for instant job alerts so that you can strike fast when a new role appears.

Before entering into any new role make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what your skills are worth. Resources like ITCareerFinder and Indeed can give you a brief overview of average salary expectations but there are many sites with additional resources to prepare you to land your next position.

The most important thing to remember is not to put all your eggs in one basket. This way you’ll find the widest cross-section of roles possible and will be able to narrow down your options to locate the perfect role for you.


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