10 Best HIPAA Compliance Software 

Best HIPAA Compliance Software

Ever since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996, healthcare and service providers holding private medical data have had a legal responsibility to protect that information from being compromised. Many healthcare providers are using HIPAA compliance software to manage compliance obligations and keep patient data secure.

In this article, we’re going to look at the nine best HIPAA compliance software to help you stay compliant. We’ve included a mix of tools that can help you with your internal monitoring activities to solutions you can use to prepare for auditing, and conduct corrective actions to mediate threats. The list includes tools for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Here is our list of the ten best HIPAA compliance software:

  1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager (FREE TRIAL) – Log management software that allows you to audit logs from your IT systems with event correlation, HIPAA compliance reporting, and more.
  2. Files.com (FREE TRIAL) – A cloud-based file management system that gives customers a business association agreement to comply with HIPAA requirements.
  3. ManageEngine Desktop Central – Free desktop and mobile device management software with automated patch deployment, system activity, and user access reports, integrations, and more.
  4. Netsurion EventTracker – Managed SIEM software with real-time log monitoring, automated threat detection, HIPAA compliance reports, and more.
  5. JotForm – Online form building tool for creating HIPAA compliant forms with over 500 templates, digital signatures, encryption, automated workflows, and more.
  6. RSA Archer – GRC software that acts as a central repository for regulatory requirements including HIPAA, with IT risk and controls documentation, and more.
  7. ComplyAssistant – GRC software for managing compliance for HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and FFIEC, with dashboards, notifications, assessments, and more.
  8. Ostendio MyVCM – Risk management software with security assessments, document templates, task management, personalized dashboards, and more.
  9. Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Software – Compliance management software for HIPAA with security assessments, incident management, automated employee training, and more.
  10. HIPAA One – SaaS-based HIPAA Compliance software with privacy and breach risk analysis, training courses, vendor management, a HIPAA seal of approval, and more.

The Best HIPAA Compliance Software 

1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager (FREE TRIAL)

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a HIPAA compliance tool that you can use to collect and audit logs within your IT systems. With SolarWinds Security Event Manager you can generate HIPAA compliance reports with visualization options like graphs. HIPAA reports can be used to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

The platform also gives you the internal monitoring capabilities required to detect threats to your data. By monitoring event logs you can monitor user and system activity through a dashboard to see if anything is amiss. For instance, you can see an All Events by Event Type widget with a pie chart breaking down events throughout your environment.

To keep your data secure, SolarWinds Security Event Manager uses event log correlation. Event log correlation can detect anomalous behavior within your environment and respond automatically to mitigate the threat. For example, the platform can block suspicious IPs or kill applications acting suspiciously. Users can create rules to determine how the system will respond to a threat.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a great choice for HIPAA compliance if you require a tool to monitor the security of your systems with compliance reporting. Prices start at $2,525 (£2,023). It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can start the 30-day free trial.

Key features:

  • Collect and monitor event logs
  • Dashboard
  • HIPAA compliance reports
  • Event log correlation
  • Automated responses

SolarWinds Security Event Manager Download 30-day FREE Trial

2. Files.com (FREE TRIAL)

Files.com HIPAA Compliance

Files.com offers a range of file management services. These cloud-based utilities center on a storage facility. This could potentially present a problem for those businesses that need to comply with HIPAA in order to stay in business.

HIPAA requires that all outsourced services that touch on data storage or handling must comply with all standards requirements as though they were part of the business seeking certification. This requirement often makes businesses decide against using outsourced services. Files.com has the solution to this problem. Any customer that asks for it gets a signed Business Association Agreement. This is an essential document needed to prove compliance with HIPAA and it explains the security measures implemented at the Files.com data center.

Files.com has passed a HIPAA audit and so it can prove that it is fully compliant. The service offers a secure file transfer system. Files uploaded to the File.com server are protected with SSH or TLS encryption-based security procedures in transit. Files at rest on the Files.com server are protected by encryption as well.

Security is enhanced by removing the need to send out files one they are resident on the files.com server. Instead, the user sends a secure link so that the recipient can access the file rather than transferring it.  Files.com is available for a 7-day free trial.

Key features:

  • Full storage security
  • Business Association Agreement
  • HIPAA compliant storage
  • Encryption protection for data transmissions

Files.com Start 7-day FREE Trial

3. ManageEngine Desktop Central

ManageEngine Desktop central screenshot

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a free desktop and mobile device management tool you can use to manage endpoints throughout the environment. ManageEngine Desktop Central is a strong choice for HIPAA compliance as it addresses many of the key requirements of the regulations.

First, automated patch management allows you to automatically deploy updates to Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and third-party applications, which patches vulnerabilities and reduces the chance of data breaches.

You can also create reports on system activity and user access. For example, you can view reports based on user log/log off and the last login failed user accounts to identify whether or not there is a security risk. You can even control access to resources by granting users or groups permission to access files and folders.

The software also integrates with a range of help desk tools including Jira, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Spiceworks. Being able to manage incidents and tickets through other systems enables you to discover and remediate vulnerabilities faster, protecting your network from being compromised.

ManageEngine Desktop Central is a reliable option for enterprises that require patch management and reports to prepare for HIPAA compliance. There is a free version that supports up to 25 computers and 25 mobiles. Prices start at $795 (£637) for the Professional Edition with 50 computers. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download the 30-day free trial from this link here.

Key features:

  • Patch management
  • Reports
  • Manage permissions
  • Integrations with help desk tools

4. Netsurion EventTracker

Netsurion EventTracker

Netsurion EventTracker is a managed SIEM tool designed for monitoring logs in real-time throughout your network. With Netsurion EventTracker you can collect and analyze log data from your systems and detect data breaches. The software analyzes your log data automatically to detect security events that leave your data at risk. Automated threat detection allows you to identify and remediate security issues promptly.

The software also makes it easy to create automated change documentation. You can use Netsurion EventTracker to monitor changes to access rights and privileges so you can see which employees have access to what resources. This makes it easier to identify security breaches.

For HIPAA compliance, Netsurion EventTracker comes with out-of-the-box HIPAA compliance reports. You can create user logon, user logoff, login failure, and audit logs access reports to document your compliance with the regulations. Reports are also useful from a security standpoint, For example, the login failure report allows you to log all unsuccessful login attempts so you can see if someone is trying to hack a resource.

Netsurion EventTracker suits those small to medium enterprises that require a solution for monitoring security events and reporting to prepare for auditing. For pricing information, you need to request a quote from the company directly. It is available on-premises and in the cloud. You can schedule a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Collect and analyze log data
  • Automated threat detection
  • HIPAA compliance reports
  • Available on-premises or in the cloud

5. JotForm


JotForm is an online form building tool that you can use to build HIPAA compliant forms for your website to collect health information. With JotForm you can create forms to record patient data with over 500 different form templates. Form templates include a medical history form, a new patient enrolment form, a patient feedback form, and more.

Patients can sign documents through the use of digital signatures. Similarly, they can also upload documents and images if additional information is required. Payment forms enable the user to pay for services and healthcare.

The solution is kept secure through the use of encryption, ensuring that the data you collect from patients is protected against a data breach. It’s also compatible with mobile and desktop devices so that patients can submit their data however they choose. Automated workflows allow you to export form data as a PDF and send it straight to your patients for their records.

Jotform is ideal for healthcare providers that need to collect data from patients in a way that’s congruent with HIPAA regulations. Prices start at $39 (£31) per month. You can sign up from this link here.

Key features:

  • Create HIPAA compliant forms
  • Sign with digital signatures
  • Over 500 form templates
  • Mobile or desktop compatible

6. RSA Archer

RSA Archer

RSA Archer is a GRC platform that can be used for compliance management. With RSA Archer you can take regulatory requirements and place them into a single searchable repository. Centralized news feeds detailing regulatory updates allow you to stay up to date on changes to regulations.

To support the overall security of your environment, RSA Archer offers the ability to document IT risks and controls. You can also generate reports to view the performance of your controls. Reporting on risks throughout your environment allows you to see where your current controls fall short and enable you to make changes to ensure that your data stays confidential.

RSA Archer is recommended for enterprises preparing for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and GLBA. To view pricing information you need to contact the company directly for a quote. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Centralized repository of regulatory information
  • Document IT risks and controls
  • Create reports

7. ComplyAssistant


ComplyAssistant is a GRC tool for managing compliance processes. With ComplyAssistant you can manage compliance for regulations including HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, and FFIEC. Through the dashboard, you can manage your compliance status by viewing elements including tasks, charts, dials, and graphs.

You can also use the software to store all of your compliance documents in a single location. Storing policies and evidence together makes it much easier to manage your compliance standing, without having to jump between disparate services.

Real-time email notifications let you know about compliance tasks so that you can ensure the necessary procedures are implemented to comply with the regulations.

If you’re using third party vendors to supply some of your IT services then you can use customizable external assessments to audit them. Auditing third-party vendors allows you to make sure that they have the necessary security controls in place to stop your private data from being compromised.

ComplyAssistant is a tool for enterprises that want an efficient solution for managing HIPAA compliance. For pricing information, you need to contact the company directly to request a quote. You can schedule a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Manage compliance through the dashboard
  • Real-time notifications
  • Audit third-party vendors with assessments
  • Store compliance documents in one location

8. Ostendio MyVCM 

Ostendio MyVCM screenshot

Ostendio MyVCM is a risk management tool intended for enterprises to eliminate vulnerabilities within a network. Ostendio MyVCM comes with over 300 security and privacy document templates for regulations including HIPAA, ISO 27001, and NIST 800-171. There is also training content on topics including HIPAA security that you can use to get your employees up to speed on current regulatory requirements.

To manage risks within your environment, Ostendio MyVCM provides security assessment templates. You can build assessments for over 100 regulations that you can use to test your compliance standing. These assessments can also be passed to auditors to show that you don’t have any significant violations.

If you do need to address vulnerabilities you can use the Audits module to create tasks and assign them to employees. The tasks are sent to a user inbox alongside the deadline so that users know when they need to complete the task. Tasks include log reviews and OS updates. Tasks also are displayed on the user’s personalized dashboard.

Ostendio MyVCM is a good solution for enterprises that want to self-assess their compliance standing and implement changes. Pricing starts at $2,994 (£2,399) per year for MyVCM Select. You can schedule a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Over 300 security and privacy document templates
  • Training content
  • Security assessments
  • Assign tasks
  • Personalized dashboards

9. Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Software

Compliancy Group HIPAA Software

Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Software is a compliance management tool designed for the HIPAA framework. With Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Software you can run six different HIPAA assessments including security, administrative, technical, physical, privacy, and device audits to test your environment.

To increase your likelihood of implementing the correct controls, the platform offers automated employee training. Reports allow you to document the training progress of each employee including the status of their training and when they last trained, ensuring that they stay up to date on regulatory changes.

The platform also enables you to monitor security incidents and work towards a HIPAA seal of compliance. You can use the seal of compliance on your website to show that your company has complied with HIPAA security standards.

Compliancy Group HIPAA Compliance Software is a robust alternative if you’re looking for a simple compliance management solution to develop a compliance checklist for HIPAA. To view pricing information for single and multiple locations you need to contact the company directly for a quote. You can download the free trial from this link here.

Key features:

  • Run six different HIPAA assessments
  • Built-in reports
  • Incident management
  • HIPAA seal of compliance

10. HIPAA One

HIPAA One Screenshot

HIPAA One is a SaaS-based HIPAA compliance tool designed to help enterprises satisfy HIPAA privacy requirements. With HIPAA One, the user can use privacy and breach risk analysis to identify vulnerabilities that put sensitive data at risk. There is also the option to run compliance checklists to manage regulatory gaps and work toward the HIPAA One compliance seal.

The solution comes with access to a variety of HIPAA training courses including HIPAA Training for Individuals, HIPAA Security Awareness Training, HIPAA for Healthcare Organizations, and more. These courses can be accessed on a desktop or mobile device so that employees can learn more about the regulatory requirements they’re subjected to.

If you’re working with other vendors, you can use the platform’s contract management capabilities to manage HIPAA and HITECH requirements. Features like automated task reminders notify your team about tasks they need to do to stay on top of the regulations.

HIPAA One is a good fit for enterprises that require a simple HIPAA Compliance management solution. To view pricing information, you need to contact the company directly. You can find out more information here.

Key features:

  • Privacy and breach risk analysis
  • Compliance checklists
  • Training courses
  • HIPAA One Compliant seal

Choosing HIPAA Compliance Software

Preparing for a HIPAA audit can be stressful, but if you’ve done your due diligence and designed your processes to comply with the requirements and chosen the right tools to give you transparency over your IT systems, then you’re unlikely to run into any problems. Taking the time to prepare for auditing early will make it much more likely that you’ll pass your audit with flying colors.

Tools like SolarWinds Security Event Manager, Files.com, and Netsurion EventTracker are good places to start if you’re looking for log management tools to identify and fix security risks in your environment.

If you require more of a compliance management approach HIPAA One and Comply Assistant are worth a look. We highly recommend conducting independent research and testing out a couple of solutions before committing to purchase so you can find the solution that’s right for your environment.

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