A Guide to All Cloud Computing Conferences and Expos

If you are involved in cloud computing or just want to know more about it, then attending a cloud computing expo or conference is a very good idea. Cloud computing expos and conferences are held all around the world and at all times of the year.

Cloud computing is becoming an established technology, but, as in all aspects of IT, advancements and theoretical explorations are still occurring. So, cloud computing has a mixed identity. It has commercial appeal and it is also a topic for academic research.

Cloud computing expos cater to the commercial community that wants to demonstrate new products, meet new partners, and communicate with customers. The cloud computing conferences that happen around the world draw in specialist technicians and theorists working on new technology. So, while Expos are all-encompassing sales-driven events, conferences tend to be infrequent, or unique events that hope to share information among those at the cutting edge of research not a single aspect of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Conferences and Expos During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As at August 2020, the expo and conference sectors are stalled because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. There won’t be any physical gatherings happening this year, however, some conference organizers have switched over to a digital seminar format so that they can still promote discussion among distributed virtual attendees.

Expos are all about the event and create an atmosphere, so they don’t translate well to the internet-based lockdown format and most have been canceled for this year. Expo organizers will be hoping that events scheduled for late 2020 will be able to go ahead. However, no one has a clear timeline for when travel, hotel stays, and gatherings will be permitted.

Cloud Computing Expos

There are several industry gatherings plus a lot of user group meetings for specific technology products. So, you can choose to attend an expo that enables you to explore new cloud technology and new products or those that give a deeper understanding of the cloud-based product and services that you already use. Here is a run-down of the biggest and best cloud computing expos that you’ll want to attend.

1. Cloud Expo Europe

The Cloud Expo Europe agenda mixes both industry insiders and corporate consumers of cloud services. The show aims to encourage partnerships to form between complementary technology developers and established industry investors. Forecasters and economic researchers also explain their opinions on where the industry is headed.

Dates: Mid March

Location: London, UK

Website: https://www.cloudexpoeurope.com/

2. CloudFest

CloudFest themes its jamborees every year around topics such as hyperscaling, AI, and cost management. The German base of the expo doesn’t put off international exhibitors, contributors, or visitors because the base language of the event is English.

Dates: Mid March

Location: Europa-Park, Germany

Website: https://www.cloudfest.com/

3. Cloud Summit

Cloud Summit is a US-based annual event with global appeal. The expo is centered around a conference with keynote speakers and also break-out sessions. Look to the side events to hear some up-and-coming innovators in the industry or join workshops on new cloud technology theories. New products and services get launched at the Summit and there are plenty of exhibitors handing out goodies and advice.

Dates: Mid May

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Website: https://www.cloudblue.com/Cloud-Summit-2020/

4. Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit

The Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit (HCTS) is an industry shindig that gets the big execs to give keynote talks in its main arena. Innovators also get turns at the podium, so it is a good place for all cloud operators great and small to strut their stuff. Hear from research analysts about consumer needs and industry trends and interview with venture capitalists, potential suppliers, and possible partners. Lots of social events create networking opportunities.

Dates: Early October

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: https://www.451research-hcts.com/

5. Cyber Security & Cloud Expo

Security is a big issue and plenty of potential customers for cloud services are still wary about letting their data reside outside their office buildings, so cybersecurity is a hot topic in the cloud services industry. Conference events cover a range of topics including IoT, 5G, Cyber Security, Cloud innovations, Blockchain, AI, and Big Data. There are plenty of exhibitors and entertainment events so this is a typical mall-style expo event suitable for consumers as well as industry insiders. The Cloud Expo series is held in California in November for a North American Audience and London, UK in March for a global gathering. The 2020 North American event will take place virtually due to COVID-19.

Dates: Mid March and Early November

Location: London, UK and Santa Clara, California

Website: https://www.cybersecuritycloudexpo.com/

6. International Conference on Cloud Computing

The International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD) is an annual event that promotes ideas at the cutting edge of cloud technology. This event is aimed more at industry insiders rather than interested consumers of cloud technology. Events include seminars, workshops, and live interviews with movers and shakers. The 2020 conference will be held online on September 18 – 20, 2020 due to COVID-19.

Dates: Late June

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Website: http://www.thecloudcomputing.org/2020/

7. KubeCon + CloudNative Con Europe

This gathering is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship event – the organization is a division of the Linux Foundation and it’s very geek-friendly. There are industry leaders and celebrities giving keynote speeches in the main conference venue and plenty of concourse exhibitors to create a shopping experience. The conference is headlined by big names in the cloud and cybersecurity space that non-techies probably won’t know much about. This is a big event for technicians. Execs and general consumers might be a little bemused by most of the conversations. The 2020 event will be virtual and run from August 17 – 20 due to COVID-19.

Dates: Late March/Early April

Location: Zuidas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Website: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/kubecon-cloudnativecon-europe/

8. Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies

This event focuses on the future of IT infrastructure and operations, which, inevitably includes a lot of cloud computing. The expo changes location year by year but is usually held somewhere in the USA. The theme of the conference has a target date of 2030. What will IT be like then? Due to COVID-19, the 2020 expo will be a virtual event on December 7 – 10.

Dates: Early December

Location: Online

Website: https://www.gartner.com/en/conferences/calendar

9. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Global Summits

AWS Global Summits are free to attend and they draw large crowds. The events take place regularly through the year with specialized themes for each summit. As AWS is the industry leader in cloud computing, no matter what the event topic is, it will be discussed from a cloud computing angle. As this is a corporate expo, there won’t be much input from other businesses. Due to COVID-19, all in-person events have been canceled and replaced by virtual summits until further notice.

Date: Multiple Events

Location: Multiple Locations

Website: https://aws.amazon.com/summits/

10. AWS re:Invent 2020

Another regular Amazon Web Services event. This is an outreach program that hopes to attract outsiders to see what AWS is planning. Keynote speeches in the conference hall are usually the preserve of Amazon execs. Expo events include product launches, technology workshops, partnership pitches, and inspiring visionary motivational speeches. This is a great event for technology students and a possible avenue into a job with the company. Lots of social events give networking opportunities. COVID-19 UPDATE: The 2020 event is still scheduled, but could be canceled if the health landscape doesn’t improve.

Dates: Late November / Early December

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: https://reinvent.awsevents.com/

11. Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld is the database giant’s annual exhibition covering a range of topics that touch on the conglomerates operating divisions. Conference subjects usually cover the latest developments in Big Data, eCommerce, Cloud Services, and system security. Oracle has a big partnership network and most of them turn out in force either as exhibitors or visitors. This is a good opportunity to network. Events include workshops, product launches, and seminars. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event will be shifted online with a batch of free seminars for all.

Dates: Late October / Early November

Location: San Francisco, California or Las Vegas, Nevada

Website: https://www.oracle.com/openworld/index.html

12. Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud invites the world to hear what it is work on as the next big thing. This is a useful appointment for industry insiders who want to pick the brains of this industry leader or angle for a job. Google supports this event with a year-round online seminar site, which holds live events and puts up new content regularly throughout the year. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event is restricted to the online presentation.

Dates: Early April

Location: San Francisco, California

Website: https://cloud.withgoogle.com/next/sf/

13. Microsoft Events

Microsoft has a rolling program of expos around the year. These are Microsoft Ignite, which focuses on training workshops and seminars for new Microsoft products; Microsoft Inspire, which is a shindig for Microsoft partner businesses, Microsoft Build, is a live training program for students and young developers; Microsoft Business Applications Summit, which invites the general business community to come and look at Microsoft products. These events occur at multiple-events and are staged as tours. COVID-19 NEWS: All Microsoft Events will be online-only until further notice.

Dates: Multiple events

Location: Multiple locations

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/events

14. VMworld 2020

The hypervisor kings made cloud computing possible and they hold an annual event to explain their vision for onsite, cloud, and hybrid virtualization. This is a good opportunity for insiders to trade tips and for students and newcomers to discover what virtualization does and how it works. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 event will be held online live September 29 – October 1.

Dates: September

Location: San Francisco, California

Website: https://www.vmworld.com/en/us/index.html

Cloud Computing Conferences

Cloud computing conferences are specialized events that cover one aspect of cloud technology. These are forums for academics and technologists to present research findings and for industry leaders to explain their current strategies on development for better and more competitive cloud technology.

More information about each of these events can be found on the website of the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology. Here is a list of the main cloud computing conferences that are currently scheduled.

  • Advances in Web Information Engineering Conference
    • Bali (Jan 14-15, 2021)
    • Paris (Jan 25-26, 2021)
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Communications Conference
    • Rio de Janeiro (Mar 04-05, 2021)
    • Paris (Jun 24-25, 2021)
  • Broad Band Communication and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Miami (Mar 11-12, 2021)
  • Cloud and Autonomic Computing Conference
    • London (Dec 10-11, 2020)
  • Cloud and Web Services Conference
    • Dubai (Nov 09-10, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Advanced Applications Conference
    • Amsterdam (Aug 06-07, 2020)
    • Singapore (Jul 05-06, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Applications Conference
    • Vancouver (Aug 06-07, 2020)
    • Zurich (Jul 29-30, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Communication Systems Conference
    • Tokyo (Sep 10-11, 2020)
    • Bangkok (Aug 20-21, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Computing Conference
    • Istanbul (Jul 30-31, 2020)
    • New York (Aug 10-11, 2020)
    • Dubai (Mar 22-23, 2021)
    • Zurich (Jul 29-30, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Data Systems Conference
    • Istanbul (Jul 30-31, 2020)
    • Rome (Aug 20-21, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communications and Networking Conference
    • Cape Town (Nov 05-06, 2020)
    • Berlin (Jul 22-23, 2021)
    • Rome (Aug 20-21, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communications Conference
    • Istanbul (Aug 17-18, 2020)
    • Singapore (Sep 08-09, 2020)
    • Amsterdam (Sep 17-18, 2020)
    • Prague (Jul 08-09, 2021)
    • Rome (Sep 16-17, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Communications Systems and Applications Conference
    • London (Aug 20-21, 2020)
    • Zurich (Sep 16-17, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communications Systems and Technologies Conference
    • Prague (Sep 03-04, 2020)
    • Istanbul (Feb 15-16, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Communications, Data Management and Security Conference
    • Istanbul (Feb 15-16, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications and Data Centers Conference
    • Barcelona (May 24-25, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications and Knowledge Management Conference
    • Paris (Apr 19-20, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications and Knowledge Sharing Conference
    • Istanbul (Apr 26-27, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications and Networking Applications Conference
    • Toronto (Jul 19-20, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications and Security Conference
    • Boston (Apr 22-23, 2021)
  • Cloud Communications, Data Management and Security Conference
    • London (Jan 21-22, 2021)
    • London (Jul 26-27, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing: Methodology, Systems and Applications Conference
    • New York (Jan 28-29, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity Conference
    • Dubai (Nov 09-10, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing and Grid Computing Conference
    • Cairo (Dec 14-15, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing and Informative Systems Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Intelligent Communication Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Knowledge Discovery Conference
    • Venice (Apr 12-13, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Network Security Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Optical Communication Conference
    • Rome (May 03-04, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Optimization Conference
    • Jerusalem (Nov 26-27, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing and Pervasive Computing Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Services Science Conference
    • Amsterdam (Aug 06-07, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing and Wireless Communication Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing and Wireless Sensor Networks Conference
    • New York (Oct 08-09, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing Conference
    • Paris (Aug 27-28, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Applications Conference
    • Paris (Aug 27-28, 2020)
    • Sydney (Feb 25-26, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Data Management Conference
    • Istanbul (Feb 15-16, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Design Conference
    • Tokyo (Nov 17-18, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Network Design Conference
    • Barcelona (Feb 11-12, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Networking Conference
    • London (Feb 15-16, 2021)
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Systems and Technologies Conference
    • Budapest (Aug 19-20, 2020)
    • Sydney (Aug 27-28, 2020)
    • Jeddah (Nov 16-17, 2020)
  • Cloud Computing Systems, Networks and Applications Conference
    • Paris (Feb 22-23, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Systems, Networks and Technologies Conference
    • Bangkok (Mar 08-09, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing Technology and Science Conference
    • Dubai (Jan 28-29, 2021)
  • Cloud Computing, e-Governance and e-Service Conference
    • Rome (Aug 20-21, 2020)
  • Cloud Intelligence in Manufacturing Conference
    • Vancouver (May 20-21, 2021)
  • Cloud Security and Management Conference
    • Tokyo (Oct 05-06, 2020)
  • Cloud-Based Communication Systems, Technologies and Applications Conference
    • San Francisco (Nov 02-03, 2020)
    • London (Dec 10-11, 2020)
    • Zurich (Jan 14-15, 2021)
  • Cloud-Based Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Security Conference
    • Singapore (Nov 19-20, 2020)
  • Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing Conference
    • Budapest (Aug 19-20, 2020)
  • Communication Technologies and Cloud Security Conference
    • Tokyo (Feb 25-26, 2021)
  • Communications Systems and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Oslo (Jun 24-25, 2021)
  • Computing and Communications Technology Conference
    • Paris (Aug 27-28, 2020)
  • Convergence Computing Conference
    • London (Aug 20-21, 2020)
  • Cybercomputing, Cybersecurity and Cloudcomputing Conference
    • Montreal (Aug 04-05, 2020)
  • Data Centers and Knowledge Management Conference
    • Paris (May 17-18, 2021)
  • Data Mining and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Cairo (Dec 14-15, 2020)
  • Dependability Issues in Cloud Computing Conference
    • Sydney (Jan 28-29, 2021)
  • Frontier Engineering and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Tokyo (Jan 07-08, 2021)
  • Information Science and Advanced Cloud Computing Conference
    • Dubai (Dec 17-18, 2020)
  • Information Science and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Rome (Apr 08-09, 2021)
    • Amsterdam (May 13-14, 2021)
  • Intelligent Communication and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Istanbul (Apr 26-27, 2021)
  • Internet and Cloud Computing Technology Conference
    • Tokyo (Aug 06-07, 2020)
  • Internet of Things, Cloud and Data Computing Conference
    • London (Oct 22-23, 2020)
  • Knowledge, Systems Engineering and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Montreal (Aug 04-05, 2020)
  • Mobile Cloud Computing, Services, and Engineering Conference
    • Istanbul (Aug 17-18, 2020)
    • Tokyo (Oct 05-06, 2020)
  • Mobile Communication and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Paris (May 17-18, 2021)
  • Network Security and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Venice (Apr 12-13, 2021)
  • Parallel Processing and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Bangkok (Jan 18-19, 2021)
  • Parallel, Grid, Cloud and Internet Computing Conference
    • Zurich (Jan 14-15, 2021)
  • Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing Conference
    • London (Feb 15-16, 2021)
    • Kuala Lumpur (Aug 21-22, 2020)
  • Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing Engineering Conference
    • New York (Aug 10-11, 2020)
  • Web Information Engineering and Applications Conference
    • Sydney (Jan 28-29, 2021)
  • Web Information Engineering and Management Conference
    • London (Jan 21-22, 2021)
  • Web Information Engineering and Technology Conference
    • Istanbul (Jan 28-29, 2021)
  • Web Services and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Kuala Lumpur (Aug 21-22, 2020)
  • Web-Age Information Management Conference
    • Lagos (Aug 13-14, 2020)
  • Wireless Communication and Cloud Computing Conference
    • Barcelona (May 24-25, 2021)