9 Best PingPlotter Alternatives

Best PingPlotter Alternatives

The graphical traceroute tool PingPlotter is an extremely popular network monitoring tool. It’s a great tool for measuring latency and packet loss, but it isn’t without its limitations. Limited features, dated graphics, and lack of a mapping feature mean that there are other much better alternatives on the market.

Here is a list of the nine best PingPlotter alternatives:

  1. SolarWinds Traceroute NG (FREE TOOL) – Command-line based network path analysis tool that monitors TCP and ICMP. It can generate a map of hop-to-hop connections within your network.
  2. ManageEngine OpUtils (FREE TRIAL) Network diagnostic tools including a TraceRoute utility. Installs on Windows Server and Linux.
  3. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (FREE TRIAL) – Network monitoring platform that can generate network path maps. It comes with email and SMS alerts.
  4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (FREE TRIAL) – Network monitoring software that comes with sensors for monitoring latency. It includes a range of alerting options including email and SMS.
  5. WinMTR – Tool that combines Ping and traceroute into one program. Analyze packet routes and export the results in HTML format.
  6. Path Analyzer Pro – Graphical traceroute tool that uses TCP, UDP, and ICMP to create network paths.
  7. SmokePing – Ping utility that creates graphs of network latency. It includes an alerts system.
  8. Open Visual Traceroute – Open source Traceroute tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Shows network paths on a 3D world map.
  9. MultiPing – Network monitor that displays network latency on a graph. It comes with an alerts system and integrates with PingPlotter.

The best PingPlotter alternatives

 1. SolarWinds Traceroute NG (FREE TOOL)

SolarWinds Traceroute NG

SolarWinds Traceroute NG is a command-line driven network monitoring and network path analysis tool that can monitor TCP and ICMP. You can view information on your network including IP addresses, hostnames, packet loss, number of hops from endpoint-to-endpoint, and latency. The software supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

The software uses SolarWinds’ NetPath technology so that you can visualize the hop-by-hop path that packets take through your network. If a connection can’t reach its destination, in a matter of seconds, you can start to troubleshoot connectivity throughout your network.

SolarWinds Traceroute NG was designed to provide more visibility into network paths than PingPlotter does. You can download it for free.

SolarWinds Traceroute NG Download 100% FREE Tool

2. ManageEngine OpUtils (FREE TRIAL)

ManageEngine OpUtils - Switch Port Mapper view

ManageEngine OpUtils is principally a package of an IP address manager and a switch port mapper. However, it also includes network diagnostic tools to keep your network buzzing at top performance, and TraceRoute is one of those tools.

The user gives a destination for the test and the path to that IP address will be shown hop by hop in the lower part of the TraceRoute screen.  Output can be limited by adding in a maximum number of hops to follow. It is also possible to enter a time limit in case the test hits a problem on a link and hangs.

Each hop in the route is given a sequence number. For each record in the output, the display shows the IP address of the destination and its hostname, taken from the DNS server. Three packets are sent along the route and the results show the time each took to cross that link. Other diagnostic tools are available in different tabs of the same screen. These are a proxy test, an SNMP check, and a standard ICMP Ping test.

ManageEngine OpUtils installs on Windows Server and Linux. It can be assessed on a 30-day free trial.

ManageEngine OpUtils Download 30-day FREE Trial

3. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (FREE TRIAL)

SolarWinds Network Performance monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a network monitoring tool that can monitor network performance. You can use deep packet inspection to monitor network response time. Through the Quality of Experience dashboard, the user can monitor latency across the network and find the root-cause of performance problems.

One of the most useful diagnostic tools you have at your disposal is the network path feature. The network mapping tool can be used to monitor packet paths. The software automatically discovers physical and logical links in your network, which keeps the map updated.

All performance data can be monitored through alerts. Alerts notify you when there is a problem in the network. For example, if the response time is slower than it should be you will receive an alert. Alerts can be sent from email and SMS.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is an alternative to PingPlotter for those users that want a modern quality monitoring experience with network path analysis that helps you pinpoint the source of performance issues. It starts at $2,995 (£2,275). You can download the 30-day free trial from this link here.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Download 30-day FREE Trial

4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (FREE TRIAL)

PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a network monitoring software that you can use to run ping scans and traceroutes. Monitor network latency with the QoS (Quality of Service) Round Trip Sensor. The sensor monitors the jitter, delay, round-trip time, and Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of connections between the source and destination.

As an alternative traceroute tool, PRTG Network Monitor offers the Traceroute Hop Count sensor. The Traceroute Hop Count Sensor monitors the execution time and number of hops a connection takes. You can create custom alerts to notify you about changes to sensors. Alerts can be sent via email, SMS, push notification, Slack messages, and more.

You can also use PRTG Network Monitor to create network maps. The software automatically discovers network devices so you can view data on availability and performance. These maps are more limited than other alternatives on this list but they do help you to highlight performance issues.

PRTG Network Monitor is a low-cost PingPlotter alternative. The software is available for free for those who use less than 100 sensors. PRTG Network Monitor starts at a price of $1,600 (£1,230) for 500 sensors. You can download the 30-day free trial.

PRTG Network Monitor Download 30-day FREE Trial

5. WinMTR


WinMTR or My traceroute is a traceroute tool for Windows that combines the capabilities of Ping and traceroute into one program. You can use WinMTR to analyze the route a packet takes between two points. Simply enter the name of the host and destination IP address and click Start to analyze the route.

The results will display with packet data on the Hostname, Loss %, Sent, Recv, best, Avrg. Worst, and Last. The format of the table allows you to see how the response time changes from hop-to-hop. Once you’ve finished scanning the route you can export the results in text or HTML format.

WinMTR is a useful tool if you want to troubleshoot the route a packet takes within a network. WinMTR is available Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions). You can download the program for free from this link here.

6. Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro

Path Analyzer Pro is a graphical traceroute tool for Windows and macOS that can visualize network paths. The tool uses TCP, UDP, and ICMP to create Layer 4 network paths. You can use the program to view graphs of issues like latency and jitter from a hop-by-hop perspective.

Graphs are shown above a table of path data that details the Hop, IP address, Hostname, ASN, Network Name, % Loss, Latency, Avg Latency, and Std Dev of the connection between the points in the network. You can also view a geographical map of your network paths. The map view will tell you the Number of Hops, Longitude, Latitude, HO PNO, IP, HOST, and ASN of different points.

Once you’ve stopped monitoring the paths you can export the results as reports or create printed versions. Reporting and printing your network path results makes it easier to share what’s happening on your network with your team.

Path Analyzer Pro is a reliable alternative to PingPlotter and is recommended for SME’s using Windows and macOS. There are beta versions of the software available for Debian and RedHat. You can download the free trial version from this link here.

7. SmokePing


SmokePing is a ping utility that visualizes your network latency. The tool is useful because it allows you to spot performance issues like packet loss. When using the program you can view your network connection through a graph. Use graphs to view the round trip time of hosts and highlight how latency changes over time.

The tool is very easy to use. All you need to run a scan is to enter the IP address that you want to monitor. If you want to monitor multiple hosts then you can use the multicast graph to compare latency. If you want regular updates then you can configure your own alert rules.

SmokePing is a good fit for organizations looking for a basic ping tool on a shoestring budget. It does the job well but it may not have the depth of features to support all enterprise users. You can download SmokePing for free from this link here.

8. Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute is an open-source traceroute tool that allows you to view network paths on a 3D world map (you can also use 2D maps if your computer doesn’t have the necessary resources). You can see how packets move from your network to services across the Internet. When viewing the map you can view the Country, Town, Lat, Lon, IP, Hostname, and more of network elements.

There is also a Whois lookup feature, which allows the user to pull information about a domain. All users need to do is enter the domain and search. Then they can view information on the Domain Status, Creation Date, Updated Date, Registry Expiry Date, Sponsoring Registrar, WHOIS Server, Referral URL, and more.

Open Visual Traceroute is worth considering if you’re looking for a PingPlotter alternative with more of a geographical perspective. It’s easy to use and provides you with enough basic information to troubleshoot your connectivity. Open Visual Traceroute is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download the program for free.

9. MultiPing


MultiPing is a network monitoring tool that visualizes connection performance and displays average, minimum, and maximum latency. The user interface is very simple to use. Enter a target address, select a ping internally, choose what samples to include and you’re good to go. Once you start scanning you can view latency graphs and monitor how performance changes over time.

The platform also comes with an alerts system. The alerts system sends an email and audible sound whenever a performance event occurs. Audio and email alerts make sure that you don’t miss anything important. In addition, you can share MultiPing data with PingPlotter for further analysis.

MultiPing is worth looking at if you’re looking for free PingPlotter alternatives with quality user interfaces that are easy to navigate. A single-user license costs $39.99 (£30.76). You can download the free trial from this link here.

Choosing a PingPlotter Alternative

PingPlotter may have an established reputation for measuring latency but there are many alternative tools that offer a more comprehensive service. Those PingPlotter alternatives that provide you with network path maps for monitoring your connection make it much easier to troubleshoot from a visual perspective. Sometimes a map can tell you everything you need to know about a wobbly connection.

Our editor’s choice for this piece is SolarWinds Traceroute NG because it provides an excellent network path monitoring feature. The netpath technology gives you everything you need to monitor connections hop-by-hop analysis. You can also upgrade this to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor if you want more functions and general network monitoring features.

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