Best AWS ec2 Backup Tools

Best AWS ec2 Backup Tools

AWS ec2 is one of the most stable and secure cloud services available, and it is also infinitely expandable. However, just like any other data repository, regular backups are a must. No matter how quick a solution appears, it may always be lost, whether by mistake or purposeful assault. You may store all of your backup data on AWS ec2 due to its ability to scale.

Third-party backup tools are necessary regardless of whether you’re backing up data to an AWS ec2 instance or whether you’re backing up data that’s already in an AWS ec2 instance. As a result, we have compiled a list of the seven top AWS ec2 backup options for your convenience.

Here’s our list of the best AWS ec2 backup tools you can use across your AWS environment:

  1. Vembu BDR Suite for AWS (EDITOR’S CHOICE) This on-premises package will manage the backup and recovery of your AWS EC2 accounts, letting you choose where to store the repository. Available for Windows Server and Linux. Get a 30-day free trial.
  2. Makes it easy to back up and restore your files and databases regularly and off-site.
  3. N-able If you want to secure your data with smart backup and quick recovery, this is the program for you.
  4. Veeam Backup Provides completely automated, native AWS backup and disaster recovery to easily manage and preserve data stored on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS).
  5. Backup MSP360 A top cloud backup and disaster recovery solution that works across platforms. It works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, among other public cloud services.
  6. Acronis Backup With unique security features, it raises the standard for next-generation data protection. It safeguards all business data sources across 20+ platforms, regardless of their size or location.
  7. Veritas Internet Backup For the last several years has been made simple for businesses to migrate to AWS and maintain their data. The trip to the cloud has become much more accessible with the introduction of NetBackup 8.2.
  8. Backup by Unitrends The only unified business continuity and catastrophe recovery platform in the world. Unitrends Backup safeguards your physical and virtual infrastructure, extending protection from on-premises to off-premises or cloud settings.

Using AWS Eec2 as a backup destination

Some of the tools on this list provide you the option of backing up to an Amazon AWS ec2 instance. Configuring the AWS ec2 instance to accept the data is all that’s required. These options are suitable if your data has to be stored somewhere else – most likely on-premises – and you need a scalable cloud backup location. The speed with which these solutions can backup and restore your data, as well as the particular features that come standard, are the products’ main selling points.

AWS ec2 instances

Other solutions on this list take a different approach, allowing you to back up your cloud instances directly using AWS ec2. While AWS integration is generally emphasized as a key feature, virtually all of these solutions can also utilize AWS ec2 as a backup destination, allowing you to check both boxes if desired.

The Best AWS ec2 Backup Tools

1. Vembu BDR Suite for AWS (FREE TRIAL)

Vembu BDR Suite AWS Backup

Vembu BDR Suite is offered in flavors for different operating systems and one of those is the AWS backup system. This package is specifically tuned to backup AWS EC2 accounts by interfacing directly to the AWS platform with its API. You just need to activate the service within your EC2 account and install the Vembu software on one of your servers.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid solution While the console for the Vembu system needs to be downloaded and hosted on your site, the mechanism for backing up your AWS EC2 data occurs within your account on that platform by activating a Vembu template there. This stores a backup of your EC2 data within that same account.
  • Backup repository options You don’t have to leave the data backup within the same EC2 account, you can specify in the console where to copy that file for a backup or your backup, providing extra protection against disaster.
  • Application-aware backups You can back up all of your data in your EC2 account or select specific data stores, such as those used by applications like databases. The system isn’t yet able to restore individual files, but Vembu promises that this feature is currently under development.
  • Fast recovery The fact that a copy of all of your data is stored within your EC2 account means that recovery is very fast. If you create a secondary repository, that copy will only be called upon if, for some reason, the primary backup becomes corrupted.

Why do we recommend it?

Vembu BDR Suite for AWS stands out as a top recommendation due to its tailored approach for backing up AWS EC2 accounts. The seamless integration with AWS through direct API interfacing simplifies the backup process. The hybrid solution ensures that the console is hosted on-site, while the backup of AWS EC2 data occurs within the AWS account, providing a comprehensive and efficient backup mechanism.

Notably, the backup repository options offer flexibility by allowing users to specify storage locations outside the EC2 account, enhancing data protection against disasters. The application-aware backups feature enables the selective backup of data stores, making it adaptable for various scenarios, including databases.

The charging structure for Vembu BDR Suite is based on a subscription per instance. Nominally, there are two editions of Vembu: Free and Standard. The Free edition gives you backups for 10 instances free of charge. Effectively this means that you only pay for instance 11 and up.

Backups can be set up to run on a schedule or on a near-constant basis which means that you will never lose data should your EC2 server space get wiped.

The Vembu system includes extensive activity logging, from which a range of reports can be generated. This enables you to implement performance analysis and also generate compliance reports.

Who is it recommended for?

Vembu BDR Suite for AWS is recommended for businesses and users relying on AWS EC2 infrastructure. It caters to those seeking a reliable backup solution with AWS integration. The hybrid approach, coupled with fast recovery options, makes it suitable for organizations prioritizing data protection and quick restoration within the AWS environment. The subscription-based charging structure, with a Free edition for up to 10 instances, provides cost-effective scalability for businesses of varying sizes.

You can download the installer to get started. This gives you both the Free and Standard editions and you can use the Standard version for free for the first 30 days.

Website Link:


Vembu BDR Suite for AWS is our top pick for an AWS EC2 backup tool because you can back up ten instances without ever being charged. While this will be enough for small businesses, larger enterprises just have to pay per instance above that threshold. This is a great saving and it means that, despite being one of the best backup and recovery systems around, Vembu is very affordable. The console is available on your own on-premises server. It offers options over backup replication and provides activity reports.

Official Site:

OS: Windows Server and Linux

2. is ONE of the best solutions for you if you detest dealing with backups due to AWS S3, IAM regulations/rules, or bucket restrictions. makes it easy to back up and restore your files and databases regularly and off-site. The program encrypts all behind-the-scenes storage configuration information for Ottomatik’s hosted storage. You may also use your S3/Google Drive/Dropbox account to back up your data and have total control over it.

Key Features:

  • MySQL full backup and restore The MySQL backup and restore tool enables you to generate a periodic complete backup of your MySQL database on your schedule, with a variety of choices for how to do it. There is also a zero-downtime option, which is useful if your website is particularly busy.
  • Restore with a single click With a simple click, you may restore your backup to any server linked with your account. You may even turn your server into a development/staging environment.
  • Backing up the directory and files Backing up files and directories is one of the most important aspects of backup operations. However, with restrictions surrounding which files you back up and which you don’t, this basic operation may become extremely complicated. File and directory capabilities in include basic paths that may be included and omitted, as well as utilized in additional complex ways.

Why do we recommend it? emerges as one of the best solutions, particularly for users who find dealing with backups, AWS S3, IAM regulations/rules, or bucket restrictions challenging. What sets apart is its user-friendly approach to regular off-site backups and restoration of files and databases. The program simplifies the backup process, encrypting all configuration details for behind-the-scenes storage, ensuring secure handling of data. One standout feature is the MySQL full backup and restore tool, offering periodic complete backups with flexible scheduling options, including a zero-downtime feature for busy websites. The ability to restore with a single click, turning servers into development/staging environments, adds to the program’s convenience.

Who is it recommended for? is recommended for users who want a hassle-free backup solution, especially those facing challenges with AWS S3, IAM regulations, or bucket restrictions. It caters to individuals and businesses seeking simplicity in regular off-site backups and efficient restoration of files and databases. The flexibility to use personal cloud accounts like S3/Google Drive/Dropbox for backup adds an extra layer of control. The three-step backup process, SSH configuration, and support for cron jobs make accessible to users of varying technical expertise. With complete security measures against disasters and quick restoration capabilities, is ideal for those prioritizing data protection and ease of use. is simple to use, and the backup takes just a few minutes. backup may be done in three easy steps:

  1. Log into your server through SSH.
  2. Configure the server with a single command.
  3. Configure and schedule backup tasks (cron jobs supported).

You’ll get alerts and report summaries of whether a backup succeeds or fails. offers complete security against all types of disasters, including data center fires, dangerous hackers, and poor database queries. Undoing random drop queries and restoring your database when required takes just a few minutes.

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3. N-able Backup

N-able Backup

If you want to secure your data with intelligent backup and quick recovery, N-able can help. It’s a hybrid cloud-based backup and recovery technology that works in the background, safely and reliably storing data away from consumer devices. Restoration may also be done for a single file or a whole system.

Key Features:

  • Backup multiple devices at almost any level Workstations, servers, and even virtual servers and computers may all have backups configured. You may also create backups for specific files, apps, or the whole system.
  • Having the best of both worlds The hybrid cloud architecture combines the speed and control of on-premises backup with the convenience and enhanced redundancy of a cloud-based utility.
  • Quick backup The backup time is greatly decreased thanks to TrueDelta technology, which backs up changes rather than whole files, enabling you to back up more regularly.
  • Faster recovery After a catastrophe, the hybrid cloud architecture aids speedy recovery by restoring either local or cloud-based copies, whichever is faster.
  • Recovery of bare metal Use only a CD-ROM or a bootable USB disc to restore the file to its original state.
  • Ultra-secure: To keep data secure on-premises, in the cloud, and during transfers, the backup uses AES 128, AES 256, or 448-bit Blowfish encryption.

Why do we recommend it?

N-able Backup is recommended for its robust hybrid cloud-based backup and recovery technology, offering intelligent backup options and swift data restoration. With the ability to back up multiple devices at various levels, including workstations, servers, and virtual servers, it provides versatility. The integration of TrueDelta technology ensures faster backups by capturing changes, and the hybrid cloud architecture allows for quick recovery in the event of a catastrophe. The option for bare-metal recovery simplifies the restoration process, and robust encryption standards ensure ultra-security for data in transit and storage.

Who is it recommended for?

N-able Backup is ideal for users prioritizing intelligent backup and quick recovery solutions, catering to individuals and businesses seeking secure data storage. Its versatility in backing up different devices and streamlined management make it suitable for a range of environments. Whether deploying on multiple devices, testing backups, or monitoring performance, N-able Backup offers an efficient solution with real-time status updates.

N-able Backup starts with a complete backup and then continues with incremental backups. This reduces the amount of network traffic sent to the cloud. Furthermore, since unified deployment, reporting, and administration decrease management and implementation requirements, status information is immediately supplied to you.

N-able Backups makes backup control and management simple by:

  • Coordinating the installation of hundreds of devices
  • Ensure backups are stable by testing them.
  • Monitor backups to verify they are functioning properly.

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4. Veeam Backup for Amazon Web Services

Veeam Backup for Amazon Web Services

Veeam Backup provides completely automated, native AWS backup and disaster recovery to easily manage and preserve data stored on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS).

Key Features:

  • AWS-Native.
  • Automates Amazon EBS snapshots for quick restorations and regular backups.
  • Protection based on policy.
  • Copy the file to Amazon S3 for long-term storage.
  • Amazon Marketplace deployment with a simple web-based administration interface.

Why do we recommend it?

Veeam Backup for AWS stands out for its completely automated, AWS-native backup and disaster recovery capabilities. It ensures seamless management of data stored on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS, offering features like automated EBS snapshots, policy-based protection, and efficient file storage in Amazon S3. The integrated cost estimate enhances cost control, and the tool provides various licensing options, including free and consumption-based choices. With robust security measures, including IAM role separation and multi-factor authentication, Veeam Backup for AWS is a cost-effective and secure solution for swift data recovery in cloud scenarios.


  • Integrated cost estimate improves cost control.
  • Various license alternatives are available, including consumption-based, free, and BYOL possibilities.


  • Support for IAM role separation, as well as set up across regions and accounts.
  • Authentication with many factors for backup administrators

The tool is a cost-effective and secure backup solution that can swiftly recover any cloud data loss situation. This is a great option since it includes a fully functional free version and is AWS native, making it a must-have for anybody operating Amazon EC2 instances.

Veeam Backup for AWS is installed via the AWS marketplace into a specific AWS region, whether it’s the same account for production or a separate account for security purposes. After you’ve installed and configured the tool, you’ll see a dashboard that indicates which resources are being secured. Furthermore, all instances are protected by regulations that allow for better control.

The Veeam Backup utility includes a cost estimate that displays how much it will cost to operate the policy. It also includes the ability to export the file to CSV or XML. Backup, snapshot, transaction, traffic, and total cost are all included in the cost calculator.

A cost calculator is an essential tool that helps customers comprehend the backup policy’s implications.

When it comes to recovering workloads, Veeam Backup for AWS offers three options:

  1. Overwrite the old instance to restore to the previous location, replacing all data in the current instance.
  2. Create a new instance to restore to a different location or environment.
  3. Performing granular file-level restorations allows for file-level recovery. This allows you to restore a single file without having to restore the whole instance, saving time and money.

Who is it recommended for?

This solution is recommended for users seeking a reliable, AWS-native backup tool with automated features for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. Its cost-effectiveness, diverse licensing options, and security measures make it suitable for a range of users, from individual instances to enterprises managing diverse workloads. The ability to export cost estimates and flexible recovery options, including granular file-level restoration, adds to its versatility. Whether operating in a single account or across regions, Veeam Backup for AWS caters to users looking for efficient, secure, and cost-aware data protection in the AWS environment.

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5. MSP360 Backup

MSP360 Backup

MSP360 is a prominent cloud backup and disaster recovery solution that works across several platforms. It works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, among other public cloud services.

Key Features:

  • Portal for Management From a single web console, you can monitor and control all backup and restoration jobs, users, endpoints, and storage.
  • Contracts are not required There is no need to renew your subscription if you choose an annual or monthly subscription.
  • Flexible Licensing and Pricing MSP360’s licensing is pay-as-you-go, with a severe cumulative discount curve.
  • Using Your Brand To properly align with your company’s design and brand equity, rebrand and personalize the tool.
  • Technical Support is available 24/7/365 The support professionals provide round-the-clock assistance to ensure that all technical difficulties are addressed quickly and effectively.

Why do we recommend it?

MSP360 Backup earns its recommendation as a versatile cloud backup and disaster recovery solution compatible with major platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Offering a centralized management portal, flexible licensing with pay-as-you-go options, and 24/7 technical support, MSP360 stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features. The ability to rebrand the tool aligns it with the user’s company design, and its comprehensive backup and recovery features, including military-grade encryption, make it suitable for various operating systems.

MSP360 backup includes comprehensive and simple disaster and backup recovery features. It features backups at the file and image level, data compression, virtual machine disaster recovery, and military-grade encryption with customer-controlled keys. MSP360 Backup is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You have immediate access to the control panel after signing up for MSP360 managed backup. In addition, MSP360 enables the deployment of a Windows Server image from a backup copy as an Amazon EC2 instance, allowing you to quickly get a virtual or physical server up and running in the cloud.

MSP360, from Cloudberry Lab, backs up your data to an Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier account and allows for fast restoration with just a few clicks. It’s a full-featured backup system that supports numerous backup destinations, both online and offline, and allows users to make copies of local files, Exchange, and MySQL databases.

Who is it recommended for?

MSP360 Backup is recommended for users seeking a reliable, platform-agnostic backup solution with flexible licensing. Whether managing file or image-level backups, virtual machine disaster recovery, or leveraging military-grade encryption, MSP360 caters to diverse needs. Its compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux adds to its versatility, making it suitable for individual users, businesses, or managed service providers. The intuitive web console, quick restoration options, and support for various backup destinations make MSP360 Backup a comprehensive choice for those prioritizing simplicity and efficiency in their data backup strategy.

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6. Acronis Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup 

With unique security features, Acronis Backup raises the bar for next-generation data protection. It safeguards all company data sources across 20+ platforms, regardless of their size or location.

The program uses AI-based technologies to proactively prevent ransomware attacks, avoiding system outages caused by the bulk of ransomware attacks. Furthermore, Acronis Cyber Backup supports business continuity by preserving all data reliably and instantly.

Acronis Cyber Backup provides a single, straightforward web-based console in 25 languages, as well as comprehensive infrastructure usage analytics and remote control of all backups from any browser on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Storage from Acronis Direct access to safe, remote cloud backup in the Acronis cloud is provided by Acronis Cyber Backup.
  • Universal Restore by Acronis With Acronis’ unique system recovery technology, quickly restore backups to any machine, physical, virtual, or cloud, with a few easy clicks.
  • Local Web Console and Centralized Cloud With the straightforward and innovative web console, deployed on-premises or immediately available in the Acronis cloud, centrally manage all Hyper-V VM and host backups. It can be accessed on any device. The console minimizes backup time and effort.
  • System Efficiency Throttling network and disc writing speeds allow you to manage the impact of backups during production hours.
  • Scheduling Backup Operations Backups can be automated using simple or custom schedules to ensure that you meet your RPO goals.
  • Various Destinations Backup copies are stored in up to five distinct locations for disaster recovery choices that are both flexible and reliable.
  • Replication of Backups The completed backup is duplicated to the secondary storage location automatically.
  •  Compression Built-in compression cuts network consumption and storage requirements dramatically.

Why do we recommend it?

Acronis Cyber Backup stands out as a next-generation data protection solution with unique security features. Its proactive use of AI-based technologies effectively prevents ransomware attacks, ensuring data integrity and avoiding system outages. The program’s support for business continuity, universal restore capabilities, and cloud storage from Acronis contribute to its comprehensive data safeguarding approach. The centralized web-based console, available in multiple languages, facilitates easy management, analytics, and remote control of backups across various platforms. With system efficiency features, backup scheduling options, and support for multiple destinations and replication, Acronis Cyber Backup offers a robust and versatile solution for organizations of all sizes.

Who is it recommended for?

Acronis Cyber Backup is recommended for organizations seeking advanced data protection with a focus on security against ransomware attacks. Its universal restore functionality makes it suitable for quick and easy recovery across different machines and environments. The program’s centralized management through a user-friendly web console, support for various backup destinations, and efficient scheduling options cater to diverse business needs. Whether deployed on-premises or in the Acronis cloud, the solution is suitable for businesses of varying sizes, offering scalability and flexibility in backup operations.

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7. NetBackup by Veritas

NetBackup by Veritas

For the past few years, Veritas has made it simple for customers to migrate to AWS and manage their data. The trip to the cloud has become much more accessible with the release of NetBackup 8.2. With the latest release, Veritas has added support for AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) roles for the CloudCatalyst deduplication server.

Key Features:

  • VMware Recovery without Agents Granular VM data restoration without agents
  • Improved Backup to The Cloud AWS Glacier provides faster deduplication and dedupe.
  • Backing Up Snapshots Make backup copies of the snapshots that are supported.
  • Application-aware snapshots Create Oracle and DB2 application-consistent snapshots.
  • Authentication with two factors Access to the NetBackup console is now more secure.

Why do we recommend it?

NetBackup by Veritas is a robust data management solution that simplifies the migration to AWS and enhances data control. With features like VMware recovery without agents, improved backup to AWS Glacier, and application-aware snapshots, NetBackup ensures granular data restoration, efficient deduplication, and secure access. The addition of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role support enhances security by allowing users to implement best practices for workload management on AWS. NetBackup’s commitment to cost-optimization for long-term data retention and its utilization of tuned AWS S3 clients contribute to its effectiveness in safeguarding enterprise environments with diverse workloads.

When executing backup operations on the AWS cloud, this has allowed them to use the appropriate level of security access and permissions. Furthermore, AWS IAM role support for NetBackup enables users to deploy NetBackup on AWS while adhering to security best practices and managing their workload in the same manner they do the rest of their workload.

NetBackup has assisted with cost optimization for a long-term data retention solution in addition to security. NetBackup also increases deduplication efficiency by utilizing the Amazon S3 client, which has been tuned by AWS. With enterprise-class scale, performance, and broad workload connections, the NetBackup platform provides unified data protection for any size business.

It’s built to safeguard the enterprise’s most important and heterogeneous environments–virtual, cloud, and physical applications. NetBackup supports practically every enterprise workload, including 100+ operating systems, 65+ apps, 2500+ storage devices, 30+ array snapshot support, and single-click cloud-integrated storage, all from a single console.

Who is it recommended for?

NetBackup by Veritas is recommended for enterprises of any size seeking a comprehensive data protection solution. Its support for various operating systems, applications, storage devices, and array snapshots makes it suitable for heterogeneous environments. Organizations with virtual, cloud, and physical applications can benefit from NetBackup’s unified data protection platform. The solution’s ability to handle diverse workloads, coupled with AWS IAM role support, makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to secure and manage their data effectively, especially in AWS environments.

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8. Backup by Unitrends

Backup by Unitrends

Unitrends is the only unified business continuity and disaster recovery platform around the globe. Unitrends Backup safeguards your physical and virtual infrastructure, extending protection from on-premises to off-premises or cloud settings. It’s a safe, all-in-one virtual backup program. This comprehensive solution lowers your total cost of ownership while increasing uptime and recovery confidence. Unitrends Backup combines backup, deduplication, replication, archive, and quick recovery into a single solution, saving you money and time.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Backup Confidence Unitrends Backup is a Linux-hardened, purpose-built platform. As a result, it is safe and free of ransomware.
  • No Fingers Pointed The Backup application combines software, security monitoring, and cloud storage into one convenient package
  • Flexibility Unitrends Backup is a highly optimized, all-in-one virtual appliance that scales up and down with your organization.
  • Security Regulations Internal threat monitoring and HIPPA and GDPR management in Unitrends Backup save time and stress.
  • Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery Unitrends data protection appliances and software now have fully integrated cloud backup and DRaaS.

Why do we recommend it?

Unitrends Backup stands out as a unified business continuity and disaster recovery platform, providing comprehensive protection for both physical and virtual infrastructures. Its purpose-built, Linux-hardened platform ensures security and protection from ransomware, enhancing backup confidence. The solution integrates backup, deduplication, replication, archive, and quick recovery into a unified virtual appliance, streamlining operations and reducing total cost of ownership. With flexibility, scalability, and compliance management for regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, Unitrends Backup offers a versatile and secure data protection solution. The fully integrated cloud backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) further enhance its capabilities.

Unitrends Backup can be installed on any virtual platform or in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. For long-term retention, remote backups, and disaster recovery, it connects to the Unitrends Cloud. Unitrends Backup server safeguards physical machines that run non-hypervisor operating systems like Linux or Windows. It protects over 250 operating systems, hypervisors, and applications from virtual and physical attacks. Unitrends Backup also protects NAS devices at the file level in standard editions and above, and with NDMP in Enterprise Plus.

Who is it recommended for?

Unitrends Backup is recommended for organizations of all sizes seeking a unified and secure business continuity and disaster recovery solution. It is suitable for businesses running diverse operating systems, hypervisors, and applications, offering protection against virtual and physical attacks. The solution’s flexibility allows it to scale according to the organization’s needs, making it ideal for businesses with varying requirements. Unitrends Backup’s integration with the Unitrends Cloud, support for AWS deployment, and protection of NAS devices make it a versatile choice for those looking for reliable, scalable, and compliant data protection.

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A company’s financial situation might be severely harmed by data loss. Furthermore, system downtime can stifle production and impede a company from offering exceptional customer care. As a result, having the appropriate technology is critical. Although Amazon Web Service (AWS) includes numerous features, there is a shared responsibility model for data security. Customers are responsible for data security in AWS, and doing so across numerous accounts can be difficult if you don’t have the correct solution.

Server backup software ensures that data saved or processed on server hardware is preserved in the event of a mechanical failure or user error. Companies use server backup software to avoid data loss in the case of a disaster and to ensure that their corporate data or customer data is available. The finest AWS EC2 Backup tools list can help you get started. Server backup technology interfaces directly with the server and is exclusively responsible for storing data. So, find the backup program that best suits your company’s structure and save data safely.

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