9 Best ADA Compliance software

ADA compliance software

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that outlaws discrimination against individuals with disabilities, which has forced enterprises to make websites more accessible to those users. ADA compliance software is now a staple for making websites more inclusive. In this article, we’re going to look at the nine best ADA compliance software on the market.

Here is our list of the nine best ADA compliance software:

  1. Level Access Accessibility management software that can be used for ADA compliance, which identifies accessibility issues on a website and displays them in the form of reports.
  2. Deque axe Monitor Website accessibility compliance scanning tool that you can use to scan and report on a website’s accessibility status.
  3. Tenon.io  utomated accessibility testing tool that can test or WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and Section 508 issues on a website.
  4. accessiBe Website accessibility software with scans every 24 hours, monthly compliance audits, a customer-facing customization application, and more.
  5. WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool Online website scanning software that looks for accessibility issues, has extensions for Firefox and Chrome, and APIs.
  6. Pope Tech Website accessibility tool with on-demand and scheduled website scans, with a dashboard, reports, and more.
  7. Crownpeak DQM Digital quality management platform with website scanning, dashboards, compliance overview tables, reports, and more.
  8. SiteImprove Digital Presence Optimization tool with automated website scanning, highlighting in context, custom dashboards, and more.
  9. Silktide Compliance management software with automated website scanning, accessibility reports, phone/chat/webinar support, and more.

Best ADA Compliance Software 

1. Level Access


Level Access is an accessibility management platform that you can use to identify accessibility issues on a website, With Level Access you can test your site for ADA, WCAG 2.0 A, AA, AAA, WCAG 2.1, and CVAA compliance.

There is also a browser extension that enables you to test site accessibility. The extension includes a Manual Testing Wizard, which lets you create and schedule scans on webpages. You can test public-facing pages as well as content requiring authentication.

Testing your site generates reports which display your compliance status so you can look for gaps to fix and make your site more accessible. Reports can show your current level of compliance, violations on your site, and recommend further tests you to remediate these issues.

Each issue is given a rating for severity, noticeability, and traceability to help you prioritize which issues to fix first. You can use the platform’s resource library to learn more about digital accessibility through online courses.

Level Access is a tool designed for companies that want to make websites more accessible. It’s easy to use and allows you to systematically prepare your site for ADA compliance. To view the pricing information you need to request a quote from the company directly. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Scans your website for ADA compliance
  • Browser extension
  • Reports
  • Resource library

2. Deque axe Monitor

AxeMonitor screenshot

Deque axe Monitor is a compliance scanning solution that can scan sites for accessibility issues. With Deque axe Monitor you can scan your site and view reports on its accessibility status. The platform has the ability to bypass user authentication enabling it to verify that all pages are accessible.

The reporting feature gives you a brief overview of your compliance status. Through the dashboard, you can view an overall score for your website and a list of open issues listed by severity. You can also see who those issues were assigned to, which allows you to come up with a targeted response to problems.

To equip enterprises to support mobile customers, Deque ace Monitor provides mobile web testing. The solution can emulate mobile web browsers and change screen resolution parameters. This makes sure that your site is accessible even on mobile platforms as well.

Deque axe Monitor is a tool aimed at companies that want to scan the accessibility status of a website. To view pricing information you will need to request a quote from the company directly. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Scans websites for accessibility issues
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting

3. Tenon.io

Tenon io

Tenon.io is an automated accessibility testing tool with an API that can identify WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and Section 508 compliance issues. On the Tenon.io site, you can enter a URL to test, and the tool will return a list of issues found alongside an Error description and the regulation it contradicts with. If you’re not signed up for a free or paid plan then you can only see a limited number of issues with the test.

The software comes available with a range of browser plugins. There are Tenon-Check plugins for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, that enable the user to test the compliance status of the current webpage. There’s also an integration code that you can use for testing tools, CMS, and CI/CD solutions.

There is a report feature in beta, which you can use to view summaries of your site’s issues. There are reports for Issues by Level, Issues by Priority, Page Performance, Top Errors, and more. These reports allow you to see what issues you need to fix first.

Tenon.io is a tool for enterprises that need automated accessibility testing for a website. There is a free version, which gives you the option to buy “Boost” API calls, which cost $0.05 (£0.040) each, and there is also a Pay-along plan for $5 (£3.97) a month, which starts from $0.02 (£0.016) per API call. You can request more information from the sales team here.

Key features:

  • Automated website compliance testing
  • Browser plugins for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox
  • Reports
  • Integrations with CMS, DI/CD, and unit testing tools

4. accessiBe


accessiBe is a website accessibility software designed to help the user achieve ADA and WCAG compliance. accessiBe uses AI to scan websites for elements and edits them to support users with impaired vision. The solution can run scans every 24 hours and sends you a monthly compliance audit to make sure that you stay up to date continuously.

The platform also provides visitors to your site with a user interface they can use to adjust the design of your website according to their needs. Users with visual impairments can customize the content, color, scaling, alignment, fonts, and more. This enables your users to tailor their experiences according to their needs.

There is a range of integrations and plugins for services including WordPress, Google Tag Manager, SquareSpace, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Wix, WooComerce, and more. This makes it easy to integrate accessibility scanning into the tools you use every day.

accessiBe is ideal for users looking for a simple website accessibility solution that gives customers control over their experience. All you need to install the program is to add a single line of Javascript code to your site. It costs $490 (£388.97) per year. You can download the free trial from this link here.

Key features:

  • Run compliance scans every 24 hours
  • Monthly compliance audit
  • Custom accessibility application for site visitors
  • Integrations and plugins

5. WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

WAVE Web Accessibility Tool

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool is an online website scanning tool that looks for accessibility issues on a webpage. With WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool you can enter a URL address and then view a report with a summary of errors. Errors can be viewed through a drill-down menu so you can see how to make your site more accessible.

There are also extensions available for Firefox and Chrome so you can measure the accessibility of content in-browser, whether it’s protected by a password or not. These measurements aren’t shared with the WAVE server, which enables you to keep your testing confidential.

If you need to test lots of different pages then you can use Wave Runner, Wave API, or the Stand-alone API. The Wave Runner service takes five days to send you a spreadsheet of WAVE data and a report from a web accessibility expert. You can also use the Stand-alone API to install the API locally for scanning or the Wave API to monitor remotely.

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool is a good tool for enterprises looking for a simple solution to accessibility scanning. WAVE API credits start at $0.04 (£0.032) per credit with a 250 credit minimum purchase. You can register for Wave API from this link here.

Key features:

  • Online webpage scanning
  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Test multiple web pages with Wave Runner, Wave API, or the Stand-alone API

6. Pope Tech


Pope Tech is another website accessibility solution from Wave designed for enterprises of all sizes. Pope Tech can scan your site and highlight errors across your site. Scans can be run on-demand or scheduled to take place weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Through a dashboard, you can view scan results with graphical displays such as pie charts and graphs detailing Most Common Issues and Errors By Group.

You can add websites to scan via crawl, CSV, or by manually adding pages. Once you’ve finished scanning you can generate reports on-demand, or schedule reports to send you periodic updates by email. These ensure that you track your compliance gaps over time.

The solution comes with a range of resources including onboarding support from the company, a wide array of documentation, and email/phone support to help you get the most out of the program.

Pope Tech is worth taking a look at if you want to build on the features offered by the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Prices start at $150 (£119.11) per month for 1-1,000 unique pages, unlimited websites, and users. You can schedule a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • On-demand and scheduled accessibility scans
  • Dashboard
  • Graphs and charts
  • Reporting
  • Email/phone support

7. Crownpeak DQM

Crownpeak Digital Quality Management

Crownpeak DQM is a Digital Quality Management platform and automated compliance solution you can use to manage compliance for ADA, WCAG 2.1 level A, AA, and AAA. With Crownpeak DQM you can scan website elements including content, links, images, rich media, metadata, URLs, and, more.

When it comes to remediating compliance issues, you can use the browser or source code to monitor issues. The compliance overview tables provided by the tool are particularly useful, not only detailing issues discovered but also explaining how they can be resolved. You also have the option to view issues in context alongside your webpage so you can see exactly what needs to be changed to improve the user experience of your site.

Reports allow you to see errors throughout your site and its current accessibility status so you can make changes to improve overall accessibility. You can share reports with your team to make sure that your site is friendly to visitors with impairments.

Crownpeak DQM is a solid compliance management solution that also supports privacy regulations as well. To view pricing information for this solution you need to contact the sales team. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • View website issues in context
  • Compliance overview tables
  • Reports
  • CMS integrations

8. SiteImprove


SiteImprove is a Digital Presence Optimization tool that can be used to manage compliance for WCAG 2.1 A, AA, AAA. SiteImprove can automatically scan your site for accessibility issues and which can be prioritized by severity. You can also view issues in context through on-page and in-code highlighting so you know exactly what you need to change to support disabled visitors.

To make remediation easier, SiteImprove provides you with explanations on how you can resolve issues discovered, referencing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It also allows you to break down website issues into tasks, which you can then filter by role to assign the responsibility of remediation to particular users. This allows you to make sure that the errors you discovered actually get resolved.

You can stay on top of your overall level of compliance with the assistance of dashboards and reports. Dashboards can be customized to display the status metrics most relevant to your environment. You can even view progress Graphs of issues over time to see if your compliance is moving in the right direction.

SiteImprove is ideal for enterprises that want to scan thousands of webpages and manage accessibility issues efficiently as a team. To view pricing information for the tool you need to contact the company directly. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Automated website scanning
  • View issues in context on-page and in-code
  • Creates tasks that can be filtered by role
  • Custom dashboards
  • Reports

9. Silktide


Silktide is a compliance management tool that can be used to manage website accessibility for WCAG 2.1. With Silktide you can run automated website scans and view a breakdown of issues taken from your site. Each issue is coupled with a recommendation so that you know what you can do to solve the problem and improve your website. You can also connect your CMS to the platform to view issues in context on the page.

As part of the accessibility report, you can view an overall site score and your accessibility score over time. These metrics give you something tangible to aim to improve. You can also view a percentage of issues found under WCAG Level A, AA, and AAA.

The solution comes with a range of support including on-site education, ongoing phone/chat/webinar training, and video tutorials provided by the Silktide Academy. These resources can help to onboard the program more smoothly and reduce the time it takes to become compliance-ready.

Silktide is one of the top compliance management tools on the market because it’s easy to use. Pricing starts at $50 (£39.67) per month for the Editor package and 100 pages. You can request a demo from this link here.

Key features:

  • Automated website scanning
  • Issue prioritization
  • Connect your CMS for In-context scans
  • Silktide academy video tutorials

Choosing ADA Compliance Software: Editor’s Choice 

The ADA made it clear by law that enterprises have a social and legal obligation to make their websites accessible to disabled users. ADA compliance software is an invaluable resource in making this happen, by helping you to find and prioritize issues to resolve on your site.

With many solutions giving you explanations on how to fix those issues you can make a much more inclusive online experience for your customers. Out of all the solutions we’ve looked into on this list, our editor’s choice for this article is Level access, Deque Axe Monitor, Crownpeak DQM, and SiteImprove.

All of these tools will not only help you to make your site more accessible but help you to comply with the requirements set out by the ADA. However, we recommend that you conduct independent research to find a solution that’s the best fit for your environment.

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